OS-9 Specifications

Services and Extensions

At the heart of Microware OS-9 lies a collection of kernel services, extensions, and industry standard APIs, which support virtually any class of peripheral for embedded systems:

  • Serial/Parallel I/O
  • USB 1.1/2.0
  • microSD Flash
  • Disk Storage I/O (SATA, SCSI, IDE)
  • PCMCIA I/O, PCI I/O, PCI Express, PCIX, compact PCI
  • SLIP and PPP client support
  • TCP/UDP/IPv4/v6
  • NFS Server and Client
  • Sample drivers and framework
  • Finished ported boot images for reference platform(s)

Customizable Exception Handling Framework

  • Isolates, contains, and cleans up after offending software
  • Customizable exception handling to extensively log, report and/or perform automated recovery exception conditions

Configuration Wizard

Menu system that automates operating system boot build for supported reference platforms:

  • GUI based configuration and build of system images
  • Point-and-click control for networking, TCP/IP configuration, graphics and debugging
  • Automatic creation of software images for target system

TECH-CHECK Diagnostic Platform

  • Unique tool for online customer support in real-time
  • Capture/send target and host system information report to customer support

Microware OS-9 Options

OS-9 add-on modules extend functionality for embedded development and run-time environments.

  • HawkEye - A GUI based software analyzer to visualize the operation of an OS-9 system and application modules.
  • XiBaseGUI - Graphics tool to enable the creation of displays, user interfaces and touch screens.
  • IPsec - Soft-crypto authentication and encryption protocol package for securing IP communications.
  • EtherCAT - Real-time, high peformance Ethernet-based fieldbus system.
  • CANbus - Control-area network for industrial and automotive systems.
  • Modbus - Serial communications bus for industrial control and automation.
  • Reliance File System - Data file protection for mission-critical embedded systems.
  • TrueFFS - Wear-leveling Flash file system for embedded systems.
  • RTS Hypervisor - Real-time hypervisor enabling simultaneous instances of real-time and general purpose operating systems on multi-core platforms.

Processor Support

Microware OS-9 offers out-of-the-box support for a broad array of processors and architectures:

  • x86/Pentium/Multi-Core
  • 68K/Coldfire
  • PowerPC
  • ARM/StrongARM
  • MIPS3000
  • MIPS64
  • SuperH (SH-3, SH-4, SH-4A)
  • ARM9/XScale